Love Notes


kenny and pc Kenny and I are very pleased with the service u have provided us over the 9 months. At the end of the day, what we saw on our wedding day was what we envisioned and more. You have been responsive (which was a requirement for us), creative (also a requirement) and went out of the way in certain aspects i.e. design work for us which we truly appreciate. And we like that you give your feedback and not just agree for the sake of agreeing with a client.

~ PC


alia and jean

Natasha, a million thanks for a job well done. We couldn't have asked for more. It was a wonderfully run dinner reception that went seamlessly smooth and most of our guests was pleasantly surprised and praises was the word of the day! Thank you again and we would definitely have you on our minds should anyone asks for a referral. ~ Ghani, Father of the Bride ~

Thank you for giving us a lasting memory of your kindness and generosity on our wedding day. Thank you one last time for doing such a great job!

~ Alia & Jean


andrew and audrey Thank you so very much for all your help and (boundless) patience!! We had an amazing wedding and will cherish the memories forever – we could not have done it without your assistance and fabulous ideas. Here’s a lil something to help you relax now and then :)

~ Andrew & Audrey


sy and adeline Thanks Natasha Khoo and Sharon Ho for all your help! Both weddings were greatly organized and wonderful. We couldn’t have done it without the two of you, with all your planning and help… the endless emails, text messages and phone calls. Thanks for making our unforgettable day so beautiful and memorable.

~ SY & Ade


ranil and kanchana Thank you for being super efficient and resilient at the same time. You were indeed a blessing to our marriage. Everything went well. I personally loved the lighting effect, just made everything look so amazing. Az did a good job under your supervision. I particularly thought the church decor was pretty. Again banyak banyak terima kasih.

~ Kanch


david and leesa

I don't think I could thank you and your team enough for everything. The whole wedding was so beautiful. From the little blooms to the flow of the wedding, both David and I would not have enjoyed our big day less stressful without your team.

Initially, when David asked me to source for help from a wedding planner, 2 things held me back: cost and creativity. I was afraid that the cost of hiring a wedding planner would be too absurd and would restrict my ideas. But Natasha, you've proved me wrong. You've been a joy to work with. You went your way out to negotiate deals for us, making sure that my ideas for the wedding stay relevant, and yes, you have very good taste! David and I would always remember our big day, only because you have carefully planned and made everything so beautiful for us. Our family and friends now named it the pretty wedding. I would always recommend you and your team without any hesitation. You have indeed brought our dream wedding to life!

Here, we thank you whole-heartedly, and also wish you the very best. I would want you to know that, you're very good at what you're doing, and would always create beautiful memories for people around you. God bless.

~ Les Sa


nicholas and pei pei As mentioned a few times before, the whole wedding planning from getting the band till dancers are quite satisfying. Besides, I am happy that you managed to negotiate for an extra guitarist for us without any additional charges. The progressive meetings before the event were also very good to keep us within the timeline. Initially, we were a bit sceptical in hiring a wedding planner/ organizer as we were afraid that it would be a waste of money. Besides, we were also scared that the planner might not get along with our concept & ideas. However, the whole event was so smooth and satisfied that we would definitely recommend wedding planners to all our singles friends in the future. You helped us think and solve a lot of unforeseen issues if we were not to hire a wedding planner. In addition, the coordination during the whole event was a thumb up! Once again, thanks for your great assistance and hope to keep in touch in the future. Bravo!

~ Pei Pei & Nicholas


eddie and davina Thank you for being the best Wedding Planners a Bride can ever have. Nothing can be perfect but your team certainly went above and beyond to create the perfect wedding! All my friends and family who attended several weddings in a year says it was one of the best wedding they have ever been to! The mood, the setting, the organisation, the deco… the list goes on! You organised the wedding as if it was your own and kept my very complicated and eventful on time! It was definitely magically! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

~ Davina


eu wing and bee fong My sister helped to coordinate the wedding but she is based in Penang. We left most of the designing to the wedding planner. We were quite chilled since that is the whole point of hiring a wedding planner. Despite hiring a wedding planner, we managed to contribute our ideas and do what we wanted. On the day, everything went smoothly. We enjoyed ourselves and most importantly it was stress-free.

~ Bee Fong


michael and jun yee Dear Natasha, thanks so much for helping out our wedding. You and your team have been brilliant. A job well done. The wedding went smoothly without major hiccup. You have certainly made our wedding day a special one.

~ Jun Yee & Mike


julius and katherine The wedding that you've organized was just stellar. Everyone had nothing but praises on how dynamic and colorful the event was. Thank you for organizing the event. I couldn't have done it without you. U’ve just made my wife a very happy woman ;)

~ Julius Goh


tarn fu and paula Thank you for making our wedding a truly dreamlike experience. We are more than satisfied with everything that you did. It was truly a memorable event and no one who was there will ever forget!!

~ Paula & Tarn Fu


elaine and patrick Words just could not express our gratitude and appreciation for making our wedding such a beautiful dream (come true!) Your creativeness and professionalism separate you from them all. We had the peak xperience you promised. Please stay in touch!

~ Elaine & Patrick


regis and elizabeth

We would like to thank you for a job well done in planning and executing our wedding day ceremony and reception, it really was a wonderful dream which everyone has wonderful comments about!! Allow me to go back to the beginning and mention what struck me when I chose to work with you, and perhaps these are your strengths - I was comfortable with your honesty, ideas and straightforwardness, which was done tactfully ( I hate being told what to do by the way unless its done tactfully), and the sincerity that exuded from you. As we went along, I appreciated that you were very calm and did pay attention to the little details I wanted, and yes though some were not realized, I appreciate the effort nonetheless. I especially want to thank you for the very detailed WIP and for the ungodly hours that we met to review and discuss the progression of the work. I was impressed with the quick responses and again the constant calmness you have displayed throughout the 3 months, especially with our last minute request of the outstation locations (cringe), and my slow responses. I am glad that we had connected on all levels, and you were able to vision what we wanted for the wedding, and ensured the little possible details I wanted were there. Thank you for making our wedding a wonderful and memorable event, and as cliche as it sounds it rings true : it would have not been possible without you!

Just wanted to drop a quick note to say that you and your team did a fantastic job for my sister’s wedding. The decor was just breathtaking. Kenneth in particular was so helpful at the actual function. Thank you for accommodating our wishes to make it a special time for our family. This has inspired me so much that I am thinking of starting up the service here in Perth!! ~ Bride’s Sister, Perth ~

~ Liz


geoffrey and victoria

Hello Natasha, we are now back in Australia and back to the routine of work, work & work. I would like to thank you and your team for an absolutely wonderful and perfect wedding. Geoff and I are very happy actually over the moon, with how well everything went and we had the best day. We did not need to worry about a thing as we knew (and were proven correct) you had all in hand.

The room looked amazing and just how I pictured it. I was completely blown away by the number of roses and the quality of the decorations, as were all the guests. The attention to detail right down to the lights under the ice swans. Finished the look very well. I was that confident that all was going to be ok I did not check the room out prior to the reception, I saw it the first time when Geoff and I arrived for the reception.

Also I have had many comments from the boys and how well the drivers looked after them. Bernard and Alvin really took care of them and I believe some intend to travel to KL and catch up with them again. Thank you once again Natasha and 'we truly did have the Peak Xperience!'

~ Vic


sau jin and amy

I used to think that planning a wedding is quite an easy task but that was before I started planning for my wedding. Boy, planning a wedding is DEFINITELY NO EASY TASK!!! There are so much to think about, the details on the big day and things that we often take for granted. Sau Jin & I are so thankful that we won a wedding planning package and even more delighted when we knew it was Peak Xperience. We felt that this is the best thing that could happen to us throughout the entire wedding planning process. Natasha has been very creative, supportive & helpful throughout the wedding planning until the big day. She has sat down numerous of times with us in planning the concept, theme & how everything would fit in on the actual day. She also came up with the programme, the logistic details, liasing with the crew members and the hotel.

We wanted a modern Chinese dinner and Natasha came up with the theme 'East Meets West', which is perfect because it really captured the character of us as a couple. As we were initially busy with other matters, Natasha has been persistently reminding us that the wedding was drawing nearer and the items that we had to complete to ensure we did not fall behind. This was very helpful because Natasha's reminders helped us to focus on the more important things. There were times that I felt that it was Natasha's wedding! ;)

I think I was probably the most relaxed bride ever on the actual day. I did not have to worry about almost anything at all except looking beautiful that day. Again, this was possible because of Natasha. I left the organization of the day (registration, usherers, ballroom decorations, band rehearsal, audio & video testing) to Natasha. In fact the 1st time I saw the backdrop was when I was doing the bridal march-in. Needless to say, we felt that our wedding went as well as it could, all thanks to Natasha & her team. Some of our friends have even told us that this is the best wedding that they have ever attended.

~ Amy Chong-Yong


lipson and jessy The success of my wedding will never be able to achieve without the help from you helping to organize with the rest of my wedding vendors, which left me stress-free enjoying my big day. It was with your creative ideas from the start of my wedding planning stage that we had worked towards the plan to make my wedding a modern, stylish, romantic and contemporary event of my life. I remembered there was a last minute discovery whereby the ballroom was without the follow spot light and you had immediately suggested to engage a technician to supply with the spot light and color gobo lights with my wedding logo featured at the wall of the ballroom. It had indeed created the perfect romantic ambience and mood for the night! I love it! I had loved all your ideas, creative, profesionalism, enthusiasm... and you are so meticulous even to the details of the wordings for slideshows and videos, invitation & thank you magnets, place cards, table no, table arrangement, etc (everything)...You are the best! Thank you for making my big day the most memorable day in my life...

~ Jessy


alvin and kitti Thank you Natasha! Thank you so much for celebrating so much LOVE & JOY with Alvin & I. Thank you for your great great passion in sharing our special day & most importantly our love & joy with all the ones we love. You are indeed a MAGNIFICENT WEDDING PLANNER cum great friend!!! Til today we are very grateful for all that you have done for us! Til today we are still celebrating your magnificence! Til today we are LOVING you! You have made our special day LIFE TRANSFORMING FOR US! *we still laugh & talk about it! and it has been classified as wedding of the century by our love ones (family & friends) THANK YOU NATASHA! peeps! Planning a WEDDING? call NATASHA!!!