Adrian & Lydia | Written in the Stars

1 December 2012

Do you believe that some love stories are written in the stars? We do.

Adrian and Lydia grew up in the same neighbourhood. They frequented the same restaurants and shops. They hung out at the same playground. They even went to the same college and university. Their siblings took the same van to school every day. Yet, Adrian and Lydia have never met and never knew each other for over twenty years despite living few streets away from each other. The Hand that sheltered them from each other finally allowed them to meet by chance when Lydia was transferred to Adrian’s department when they were working in a local hospital. A love story that was written in the stars, by the powers that be.

With such an inspiring love story, the inspiration for their wedding came naturally to us and we set off to create a romantic starry night in twilight colours of silver, grey, blue and purple in the modern ballroom of Doubletree by Hilton. This was in stark contrast to their

Where Doubletree by Hilton Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
Food 9 course chinese
No. of Guests 450
Photographer Daren Chong Studio