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For Better or For Worse – We Have Your Back!

- 17 May 2023

The Chinese wedding gate-crash games are a series of challenges created by the bridesmaids to playfully torture the groom and his groomsmen as a ceremonial demonstration of the groom’s love for the bride before he gets to see her on the wedding day. However, after observing and coordinating hundreds of weddings over the years, it almost seemed that these games are a demonstration of brotherhood and a test of bromance between the groom and his groomsmen. That’s because 90% of the time, the groomsmen have to willingly (or forcefully) go through all the torture on behalf of the groom.

In this wedding, Tian Wei’s 兄弟 [groomsmen] have certainly proved their love for him as they sportingly played every game prepared by 姐妹 [bridesmaids] and went on their merry way to fetch his bride Cynthia.

All these photos were beautifully captured by Yung Yaw of Munkeat Studio.

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