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Embracing the Beauty in Simplicity – A Japanese-inspired Wedding at The Grand Hyatt KL

- 29 June 2023
From Japanese textbooks to a lifelong chapter together, Jy Yi and Yi Heng's journey is the perfect example of how distances can't separate true love. What started as a serendipitous meeting blossomed into a beautiful love story.

Having planned three of Jy Yi’s sisters’ weddings in the past, Natasha was well-acquainted with the expectations of Jy Yi’s father. Apart from deciding on gifts, the wedding cuisine would have to be exquisite, and he would mandate a bespoke bar for his impressive wine collection, and it was managed with precision by his sommeliers, bartenders and servers. With each year, the bar surpassed its previous iterations and for this wedding, we produced two bars – a Sake Bar and a Wine Bar. The inspiration for the design of the stunning Sake Bar was drawn from Maido shop in Osaka. After the Kagami-biraki ceremony, the guests got to enjoy a free flow of sake all night long and even got take home through sealed containers that we packed on-the-spot.

“In search of the perfect wedding venue, our mission appeared to be simple: an intimate celebration with 150 cherished guests, nestled away in an extraordinary setting that defied the traditional ballroom scene. Little did we anticipate the delightful challenge that lay ahead as we tirelessly explored countless possibilities. From the vibrant heart of the city to the untamed beauty of Janda Baik’s lush jungles, from the enchanting waterfront of Ipoh to the serene islands up north and even along the breathtaking coastlines of the south. Our quest also took us all the way to the majestic hills of Pahang. After an exhaustive search,  the family ultimately chose the ballroom at The Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur. It was a carefully considered decision, born out of the realisation that all the venues regrettably failed to meet their meticulous criteria. So instead of an outdoor venue, the similar theme had to carried through into the ballroom” – Natasha, wedding planner –

If there’s one aspect of Japanese culture that’s inextricably tied to weddings, it’s the art of Ikebana with artistic floral arrangements symbolising natural beauty, minimalism and harmony. Flair Design outdid themselves with their Moribana arrangements, showcasing delicate blooms such as Ranunculus, Veronica, Dancing Orchids, Craspedia, Iris and Agapanthus. Creating Ikebana pieces under time constraints was no easy feat. Besides the sake, guests also took home pretty gifts and custom-scented sanitisers.

Charismatic emcee Goh Wee Ping was charming as always and the good folks at Good Feeling Music kicked off the evening with a few sing-a-long tracks. Kenny Low’s engaging and moving performance that felt like a mini concert during the wedding, so much so that the guests chanted encore for more! It was definitely an evening to remember for years to come!

Photography by Adam Ong.

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