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We Transformed the Grand Ballroom of Mandarin Oriental to 1920s Shanghai Grand

- 22 January 2023

This was one of the very first weddings we produced as we came out of the fringes of pandemic. We were only allowed to have a maximum of 400 guests in a ballroom that could host up to 1,200 guests due to event restrictions back then. Turning the restriction into an advantage, we transformed the Grand Ballroom of Mandarin Oriental KL to an experiential 1920’s Shanghai Street. The concept was inspired by the olden days streets where big celebrations were held in the centre of the town, in front of community hall where the main stage would be erected for opera performances.

We had 2 parts to the ballroom. The Shanghai Grand streets, where guests entered through a courtyard with hanging bird cages and retro floral wall of fresh lilies, roses and hydrangeas. Retro shops were built to fill the void in the ballroom with a Malaysianised version of retro Chinese; each with intricate detail and finishing to achieve the look. Now, hop on the Shanghai Express with us as we take you back to 1920’s 上海灘

The old grocery stall was a big hit as guests got to fill their bags with childhood snacks and old school tidbits.

The old tailor shop became a natural hit for photo op. It was a 1.5 storey built-up with chinoiserie wall paper in the shop, assorted silk fabrics and an old bicycle outside the shop, decorated with bird cage and bright pink blooms of roses.

The wedding couple, Rong and Vin Teng went old school with their desserts.

Street food is always a hit, even if it’s a black tie event!

The second section of the dinner reception was more classy, with a Paramount theatre-inspired setting.

Photography by Adam Ong.

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